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Configuration Choices

Choose between a 3- or 4-bar configuration to accommodate your seeding style and desired field finish.

The 3-bar configuration with a row of 2-bar harrows provides extra leveling, and is available in 9-, 12- or 14.4-inch spacing for residue clearance.

The 4-bar configuration adds depth to the shank placement for excellent residue clearance and is available in 7.2-, 9- or 12-inch spacing. An optional 1-bar harrow can be mounted behind the rear shanks for added leveling and row closing.

Options for NH3 application are available for a wide variety of conditions, especially hard ground, stony land or heavy residue. InterRow™ shanks for 12-inch row spacings or 4- and 5-inch Stealth™ paired-row openers for narrower row spacings let you match NH3 application to your seeding style—eliminating the cost and hassle of switching to new equipment.

Optimum flotation is provided by dual walking casters. Walking casters are standard on the center section of larger models and optional on wing sections.

Flexi-Coil offers a complete line of single- and double-shoot openers, trips and press wheels for the 5000 air drill.


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