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What is Air Delivery ?

A basic air delivery system consists of an air cart, a series of hoses that form an air distribution system, and a seeding tool. The air cart has a split tank, a fan and meters to direct the right amount of air and product into the distribution system. The distribution system uses primary lines to carry product to the seeding tool, where a header divides product into smaller, secondary lines directed to openers. The seeding tool carries trip assemblies, openers and press wheels or harrows.

Three Separate Systems
With a Flexi-Coil air cart, you are not limited to one distribution system—up to three separate systems can be placed on the seeding tool. With one system you can single-shoot. With two, you can single- or double-shoot. With three systems, you can single-, double- or triple-shoot.

  • Single-Shoot – mixes one or more products together in a single distribution system, with application in one location. Most common are the application of seed alone or the application of a mixture of seed and fertilizer. The application and blending of two fertilizers while banding is also single-shoot.

  • Double-Shoot – applies products separately in two locations, by adding a second distribution system. A common double-shoot system applies seed while placing fertilizer below and to the side of the seed row.

  • Triple-Shoot - adds a third distribution system and requires an air cart with three tanks. A broadcast granular application along with a double-shoot placement of seed and fertilizer qualifies as triple-shoot. Flexi-Coil offers a standard integrated third tank on the 3850 and 4350.

Broadcast Distribution
Granular distribution systems provide for the application of granular product, like alfalfa or chemicals, to the ground ahead of the tillage tool. To increase accuracy in such applications, special secondary headers can be used.

  • Main tank – As part of a single- or double-shoot operation, use the main tank to broadcast fine, granular product. (e.g. applying grass seed alone or granular herbicide while banding fertilizer.) The Flexi-Coil granular application system comes with a specialized roller for accurate product metering—right from the tank on any Flexi-Coil cart.
  • Third tank – The third tank (3850 and 4350 only) uses the cart's fan to accurately deliver fine products. For example, granular herbicide is broadcast from the third tank while fertilizer and seed are applied from the main tanks. Power is delivered to the meter from the air cart ground drive, and the cart's auger fills and empties the third tank. You can use of half the implement width for spot application, thanks to a separate clutch and a dual meter.

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