What do farmers really need from their seeding and tillage products?

Reliability, accuracy, durability, flexibility and efficiency. So that’s what we aim to deliver with all of our products. From our unrivalled air delivery system and down draft metering to our customizable configuration options, our features are all about creating products that do the job better, faster and easier.

At Flexi-Coil, research and development has been part of our DNA since the company launched in the 1950s, because we understand how critical seeding is to the growing season.

From the evolution of the flexible frame on cultivators and drills to single cylinder depth control on our ST820 precision cultivator, we’ve been helping growers do better with each passing season.

Carefully engineered components like the EZ Flow header mean Flexi-Coil air carts perform better, and our large capacity, one-person conveyor operation is one of the biggest time-saving features of a Flexi-Coil air cart.